1950-08-01 Dado Marino w pts 15 Terry Allen, The Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii - WORLD

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1950-08-01 Dado Marino w pts 15 Terry Allen, The Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii - WORLD. Referee: Walter Cho. Scorecards: 22-19, 23-18, 22-18. An attacking fighter and good body puncher who benefited from fighting among the bantams, after Marino (112) needed two trips to the scales to make the required 112lbs he was expected to be weakened. He was not. Both men finished with cuts over the eyes, and although there were no knockdowns the challenger proved the heavier puncher of the two, with Allen (111½) the more mobile.

Towards the end of July 1951, with Marino still not having adhered to the 120-day return clause, the BBBoC demanded of the NBA that the fight should be made as soon as possible. Despite the fact that Allen was no longer the European champion, having been outpointed by Jean Sneyers over 15 rounds at the Ice Rink, Nottingham on 30 October, within a matter of weeks of that action contracts were signed.

Following the fight against Allen, Sneyers became the top-ranked flyweight according to The Ring magazine. He then went on to defend his European title against Honore Pratesi (w rsc 3 at the Sports Palace, Brussels, Belgium on 18 November) before being forced to move up among the bantams on a permanent basis in July 1951 due to increasing weight problems.