1950-09-27 Ezzard Charles w pts 15 Joe Louis, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - NY/NBA

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1950-09-27 Ezzard Charles w pts 15 Joe Louis, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - NY/NBA. Referee: Mark Conn. Scorecards: 10-5, 13-2, 12-3. Coming back after being out of the ring for more than two years, Louis (218) was just a shell of the once great fighter that everyone recognised and was well outscored by the NBA champion. By the fourth round Charles (184½) was out-speeding Louis, who was beginning to look ponderous, and continually proved to be too elusive for the older man to batter down with his bigger punches. At this stage of the fight both men were carrying damage to their left eyes and by the ninth Charles was having difficulty in focusing, with Louis being too slow to take advantage. The tenth saw Louis at his best as he bored in with solid blows that shook Charles up, but by the end of the session the latter was fighting back strongly. Picking up the pace in the 11th Charles came out throwing big punches at Louis’ head and he continued to bang away during the remaining sessions in an effort to score a kayo. In the final round Louis was sold out, being almost helpless on the ropes as Charles fired punches at him, before the bell came to his rescue. Due to his problems with the taxman, Louis continued to fight on, defeating Cesar Brion, Freddie Beshore, Andy Walker and Omelio Agramonte before meeting up with Lee Savold on 15 June 1951 at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC. Still recognised in Britain as the champion, Savold was knocked out in the sixth of a 15 rounder contested under championship conditions. Initially not giving their consent to it being a championship fight, as they did not recognise Louis as the leading challenger, on 19 June the BBBoC retrospectively recognised the winner as champion.