1951-02-28 Sandy Saddler w co 2 (12) Diego Sosa, Sports Palace, Havana, Cuba - OHIO/CUBA

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1951-02-28 Sandy Saddler w co 2 (12) Diego Sosa, Sports Palace, Havana, Cuba - OHIO/CUBA. Referee: Joe Loego. Originally intended to be a ten-round non-title bout, the day before it was due to take place it was announced that Saddler (127¾) would be defending the Cleveland Boxing Commission’s version of the 130lbs championship over 12 rounds. Angered by the challenger’s foul tactics, Saddler dropped Sosa (128¾) in the first round for a count of ‘two’ after exploding a left hook to the jaw. Following that, Saddler quickly went to work in the second session. Warned for ‘rabbit punching’, Saddler went after Sosa with a vengeance, and having floored him with a left hook to the liver he fell over his rival, still punching away, before getting to his feet. The Ring magazine reported that the referee picked up the count at ‘eight’ after Saddler had regained his feet and carried on to count Sosa out on the two-minute mark. This left the crowd, who felt the champion should have been disqualified, in a riotous mood.

Another fight at 130lbs saw Saddler (130) score a repeat win over Lauro Salas (127), who was stopped in the sixth round at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California on 27 March. With California not recognising the weight division it was not seen as a title defence for Saddler.

That is the last we hear of the junior lightweights until the NBA, following their decision to re-introduce the junior welterweight class, re-instated it in 1959. They eventually chose Harold Gomes to meet Paul Jorgensen for the vacant title, in what was a return match. Earlier in the year, on 27 March, at the Auditorium, Miami, Florida, Gomes had outpointed Jorgensen over ten rounds before going on to win the inaugural New England 130lbs title when knocking out Jimmy Kelly inside three rounds at the Pierce Memorial Field, Providence, Rhode Island on 29 June.