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1951-05-30 Ezzard Charles w pts 15 Joey Maxim, The Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA - NY/NBA. Referee: Frank Gilmer. Scorecards: 78-72, 85-65, 85-65. Defending his title against the current light heavyweight king, Charles (182) scored a relatively easy win that was made to look less than straightforward by the referee’s card that gave the challenger four rounds with four even. According to Nat Fleischer of The Ring magazine, the referee’s decision was so wide of the mark it was almost laughable. It was Charles’ body punching that took all the steam out of Maxim (181½), a man he had beaten three times previously, and who at times was almost gasping for breath. What irked the fans was the ultra cautious Charles’ inability to drop Maxim, even when the latter was reeling around the ring exhausted from his exertions and carrying a swollen and cut face. In the fourth Charles was warned for a foul that nobody else in the crowd saw and actually stopped fighting in amazement, allowing Maxim a few free shots. It was in the frequent clinches that Charles excelled, getting off right-hand blows to head and body as Maxim, a past master at tying opponents up, tried desperately to contain him, without success. From the 13th onwards, Maxim was out on his feet, but Charles was unable to take advantage of the situation despite landing some heavy shots on his man.