1951-11-17 Vic Toweel w pts 15 Luis Romero, Rand Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa - WORLD

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1951-11-17 Vic Toweel w pts 15 Luis Romero, Rand Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa - WORLD. Referee: Willie Smith. Although starting aggressively, Romero (117½) was soon being forced back by the strong Toweel (116½), who relentlessly drove his challenger two-fistedly before him round after round. The Spanish southpaw, who was dropped heavily in the final session, was always looking to work the body, having some occasional successes, especially with the left. But in the main he had his hands full just trying to keep Toweel off, the judges’ unanimous decision being a formality.

At the end of the year, Jimmy Carruthers, Peter Keenan, Romero, Maurice Sandeyron, Jean Sneyers, Emile Chemama, Hadi Tijani, Gianni Zuddas, Alvaro Nuvoloni and Frank Johnson made up The Ring magazine’s top-ten contenders. Johnson, a coming British lightweight champion, should not have been included as he was boxing around the 130lbs mark at the time.

Regardless of the ratings, Toweel’s next challenger would be Keenan who was already under contract. Keenan had won the British title from Danny O'Sullivan (w co 6 at Firhill Park, Glasgow, Scotland on 9 May) and had outpointed Romero over 15 rounds at the same venue on 5 September to capture the European crown. At first, the BBBoC were not going to support the Toweel v Romero fight, but on hearing that Keenan had elected to stand aside the Board relented.

Coming into the Toweel fight Keenan was undefeated in 31 contests, having dismissed the two aforementioned title holders along with Jimmy Gill, Vic Herman (twice), Charlie Squire, Jackie Briers, Raoul Degryse, Joe Murphy, Emile Famechon, Theo Nolten, Dickie O'Sullivan, Sneyers, Sandeyron, Bunty Doran, Tommy Proffitt, Louis Skena, Amleto Falcinelli and Bobby Boland. In his last contest he had drawn with Sandeyron.