1953-02-11 Kid Gavilan w rtd 9 (15) Chuck Davey, The Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WORLD

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1953-02-11 Kid Gavilan w rtd 9 (15) Chuck Davey, The Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WORLD. Referee: Frank Gilmer. Gavilan (146½) had little difficulty in dealing with his southpaw challenger, a Master of Arts from Michigan, and was on top throughout, dominating the exchanges and landing hurtful left hooks to the body to wear his man down. Unbeaten in 39 starts, Davey (147) was expecting to go well, but was ground down, a right to the jaw dropping him for ‘nine’ in the third before he was put down three more times in the ninth and retired on his stool by his handlers at the end of the round. On reflection, Davey’s total lack of power enabled Gavilan to fight at his own pace, and despite being occasionally bamboozled by the challenger’s stance he was always in control. When hard rights cut Davey under the right eye in the eighth it was clear that Gavilan was now intent on finishing the fight as quickly as possible, and attacking strongly in the ninth he knocked all the stuffing out of his game opponent to bring about the retirement.

The next man to challenge Gavilan would be the rugged, two-fisted Carmen Basilio, who had been a pro since 1948 and was unbeaten in his last eight fights, beating the likes of Ike Williams, Vic Cardell, Carmen Fiore and Billy Graham. He had also drawn with Graham in his last fight. Both of the fights against Graham carried the New York State title and both men were seen as the two best fighters in the division by the NYSAC. With the commission calling for Gavilan to defend against either man it was Basilio who got the opportunity, while Graham had just six more contests, losing four of them.