1956-01-18 Sandy Saddler w rsc 13 (15) Flash Elorde, Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA - WORLD

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1956-01-18 Sandy Saddler w rsc 13 (15) Flash Elorde, Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA - WORLD. Referee: Ray Flores. Fighting mainly at close quarters in the early stages, Saddler (126) went to the front as his challenger seemed unable to fathom out what his next move was. However, Elorde (125) came alive in the sixth when he decided to fight his way out of the clinches and push Saddler to the ropes and this tactic held him in good stead until he was cut over the left eye in the eighth. Fighting from a southpaw stance Elorde gave it everything in a supreme effort to turn the fight his way, but at 0.59 of the 13th the ringside doctor, having inspected Elorde’s eye damage on three earlier occasions, advised the referee that he should call it off. Saddler’s last contest came on 14 April when he was outpointed by Larry Boardman (Marlborough, Ct) in a non-title fight over ten rounds at The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts and he eventually relinquished the belt when retiring as the undefeated champion in January 1957, having suffered serious eye damage. For the first time in boxing history a World Championship Committee was set up to organise a series of eliminators. It was agreed that the number one challenger, the European champion, Cherif Hamia, would fight the winner of Hogan Kid Bassey v Miguel Berrios. Berrios had already eliminated Carmelo Costa from the tournament (w pts 12 at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York) on 22 March 1957, but was unable to advance any further, being outpointed over 12 rounds by the Nigerian at the Capitol Arena, Washington DC on 27 April 1957.