1956-05-18 Sugar Ray Robinson w co 4 (15) Carl Bobo Olson, Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California, USA - WORLD

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1956-05-18 Sugar Ray Robinson w co 4 (15) Carl Bobo Olson, Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California, USA - WORLD. Referee: Mushy Callahan. Proving his win over Olson (160) last time out was no fluke the champion once again took the latter out, albeit it took a couple of rounds longer. The first three sessions saw little action, although it was clearly noticeable that Robinson was setting the pace with accurate punches from both hands while Olson was trying to work inside. In the fourth Olson took the initiative for the first time, but following a clinch he was put down heavily to be counted out on the 2.51 mark after a left-right to the jaw had almost lifted him into the air.

It took three months of hard negotiation before Robinson could be induced to meet Gene Fullmer, who had recently eliminated Rocky Castellani (w pts 10 at The Arena, Cleveland, Ohio on 4 January), Ralph Tiger Jones (w pts 10 at the Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio on 20 January) and Charles Humez (w pts 10 at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York on 25 May) to head The Ring magazine ratings. Fullmer also had wins over Garth Panter, Jackie LaBua, Peter Mueller, Paul Pender, Gil Turner (twice), Del Flanagan, Al Andrews and Moses Ward to his credit. In 40 contests he had won 37, losing to Turner, Bobby Boyd and Eduardo Lausse.

With contracts finally drawn up at the end of September Robinson had earlier said he would never fight for the International Boxing Club again due to their miserly purses, but a return clause with 47½% of the gate and 60% of TV revenue persuaded him to change his mind. Scheduled for 12 December in Madison Square Garden a week or so before the fight was due, when Robinson pulled out suffering a heavy cold the date was moved to 2 January.