1958-05-07 Joe Brown w rsc 8 (15) Ralph Dupas, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USA - WORLD

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1958-05-07 May Joe Brown w rsc 8 (15) Ralph Dupas, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USA - WORLD. Referee: Jimmy Webb. It is interesting to note that because both Brown (134) and his ‘white’ challenger hailed from New Orleans, due to the inter-racial law within Louisiana at the time the fight had to take place in another State. Taking up the offensive from the start while maintaining an excellent defence, by the fourth round Brown got his right hand going and from thereon there was only one man in it as Dupas (134) began to wilt. By the seventh, the clever Dupas, who was by then boxing on the retreat, appeared ready to be taken and in the eighth Brown really opened up with both hands before letting go a terrific right to the jaw which dropped the former heavily. Although Dupas was counted out by the ‘counter’, the referee had actually stopped the count at ‘nine’ because Brown had failed to go to a neutral corner and with the dazed fighter back on his feet he allowed the action to continue. Not requiring too much initiative, Brown immediately went to work to drop Dupas for two further counts, both of ‘eight’, first with a left hook and then with a two-handed assault, before the referee decided that, at 2.21, the latter had taken enough punishment for one night and terminated the contest.

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