1958-12-10 Archie Moore w co 11 (15) Yvon Durelle, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - WORLD

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1958-12-10 Archie Moore w co 11 (15) Yvon Durelle, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - WORLD. Referee: Jack Sharkey. Having to get off the floor three times in the opening session just a few days short of his 45th birthday, the champion proved once and for all that he should be recognised as one of the sport’s top fighters. Moore (173¾) made a great recovery and several rounds went by as Durelle (172) failed to go in for the finisher. After being dropped again, in the fifth, from a right to the head, Moore got to his feet at ‘five’ and began to assume control from thereafter. In the seventh Durelle was dropped by a left-right to the jaw and on getting up he was subjected to all manner of punches. From the eighth through the tenth Durelle had almost become a punchbag as Moore hit him with everything he had. Saved by the bell at the end of the tenth, having taken an ‘eight’ count, Durelle came out for the 11th and was soon on the floor again, this time for ‘nine’. Back on his feet, with blood pouring from his nose, Durelle was smashed to the floor after taking solid lefts and rights to the head and counted out after 49 seconds. Despite all the talk about Moore meeting Sugar Ray Robinson, he could see the sense in taking on Durelle again, especially on a financial front, and at the back end of March 1959 a deal was finally struck with a return clause in place if the champion lost. Scheduled to take place on 15 July, it was postponed on the eve of the fight after Moore bruised a heel in training and re-scheduled for early August.