1959-08-12 Archie Moore w co 3 (15) Yvon Durelle, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - WORLD

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1959-08-12 Archie Moore w co 3 (15) Yvon Durelle, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - WORLD. Referee: Jack Sharkey. A return match, this time round the champion gave Durelle (173) no real opportunities when boxing in a crab-like fashion and giving the Canadian no room to target. Even then Moore (174¼) was forced to take some heavy blows to get his own shots off and in the third he went after Durelle with a vengeance. A tremendous right to the chin had Durelle down for ‘seven’ and on getting up he went straight on the attack only to be dropped three more times from heavy rights and lefts, the final knockdown seeing him counted out with eight seconds of the session remaining.

When Moore forfeited NBA recognition on 25 October 1960, having not made a defence for more than a year, the Association had initially planned an elimination series involving Erich Schoppner v Chic Calderwood and Harold Johnson v Willie Pastrano. However, with Schoeppner more intent on a match with Moore, Calderwood pulling out through injury and then Pastrano being outpointed over ten rounds by Jesse Bowdry on 27 December at The Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, a straight NBA title bout between Johnson and Bowdry was the next best option.

Moore’s reaction was that as he had agreed to meet Schoeppner in a title defence last July it was not his fault the promoters had failed to make it happen; that after he had withdrawn due to his wife’s illness and the promoters losing interest. Having lost an overweight match to Giulio Rinaldi (l pts 10 on 29 October 1960 at the Sports Palace, Rome, Italy), Moore stated that as far as he was concerned he could defend his version of the title against Schoeppner, Rinaldi or Calderwood. Given until 11 January 1961 by the NYSAC to make a defence, a tentative agreement for Moore to meet Schoeppner was put in place for 21 March, but Moore ruined those plans by requesting a postponement until 27 May to allow him time to make the weight. Surprisingly, with Schoeppner unable to come to an agreement with the promoters due to Moore wanting too much, instead of stripping Moore, the NYSAC gave him until the end of February to make a match with Rinaldi for early June.