1959-12-02 Joe Brown w rtd 5 (15) Dave Charnley, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USA - WORLD

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1959-12-02 Joe Brown w rtd 5 (15) Dave Charnley, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USA - WORLD. Referee: Jimmy Webb. After four rounds of very little action, Charnley (133¾) being picked off by stiff left hands whenever he closed in, the fifth saw him upping the pace in an effort to get to the champion. With Brown (134) also starting to open up it looked as though the fight might take off, but after Charnley caught his man with a good southpaw right hook and followed up there was a resounding clash of heads which left the former dazed and badly cut at the end of the round. Asked by the referee during the interval whether he could repair the damage, Charnley’s manager pulled him out and it was over almost before it got started.

Into the sixth round of a non-title fight against Ray Portilla at the Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas on 21 March 1960, Brown asked the referee to stop the fight as he had suffered damaged ribs, which were later confirmed to have been broken.

Out of the ring for five months, a return with Portilla was mooted for the championship in New Orleans at the end of August, but was vetoed by the Louisiana Boxing Commission on the grounds that Portilla was not a suitable opponent. Brown came back with an easy workout against the unrated Harlow Irwin before taking a huge risk against the world’s number six, Battling Torres, having already signed to defend his title against Cisco Andrade at the end of October. Proving he was not a spent force, Brown knocked Torres out in the fourth round of their non-title contest at the Sam Houston Coliseum on 4 October to set himself up nicely for Andrade.