1960-02-04 Carlos Ortiz w co 10 (15) Battling Torres, The Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, USA - NBA

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1960-02-04 Carlos Ortiz w co 10 (15) Battling Torres, The Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, USA - NBA. Referee: Mushy Callahan. Tantalising the 18-year-old challenger with the left jab, Ortiz (137) proved what a good fighter he was, taking everything that came his way before opening up in the latter rounds with big punches of his own. Torres (138) put up a good fight, but showed his inexperience when trying to take Ortiz out with everything he threw and as he tired the signs became ominous. Cut over the left eye and battered by fierce rights to the head and hurtful body attacks, Torres was showing evidence in the ninth that he would not be around much longer, and in the tenth a barrage of lefts and rights saw him sink to the canvas to be counted out with just four seconds of the session remaining.

Ortiz’s next challenger would be Duilio Loi, a long-term lightweight contender who had been bypassed for several years. With 110 contests behind him, and beaten just once, by Jorgen Johansen in a European lightweight title challenge, Loi had eventually been crowned as champion and had defended the title eight times before becoming the European welterweight boss. A difficult man to tag, since starting out in 1948 Loi’s record read like a veritable Who’s Who, especially on the European front, beating men such as Bruno Bisterzo, Emilio Marconi, Agustin Argote (twice), Francis Bonnardel, Ernesto Formenti (twice), Bruno Visintin, Jacques Herbillon, Ivor Kid Germain, Mario Trigo, Glen Flanagan, Ray Famechon, Giancarlo Garbelli, Seraphin Ferrer, Orlando Zulueta, Manolo Garcia, Fred Galiana, Sauveur Chiocca, Hoacine Khalfi, Rudi Langer, Idrissa Dione, Felix Chiocca (twice), Wallace Bud Smith, Al Nevarez and Conny Rudhof.