1961-11-13 Davey Moore w pts 15 Kazuo Takayama, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WORLD

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1961-11-13 Davey Moore w pts 15 Kazuo Takayama, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WORLD. Referee: Jimmy Wilson. Scorecards: 73-59, 74-67, 72-64. Given another opportunity to grab the title, Takayama (125½), bobbing and weaving, held his own in the early rounds as he stayed close to Moore (126) in an effort to stop the champion from using his cleverness and speed to best advantage. Things went well for nine rounds but as Takayama tired, Moore, targeting the body, got on top prior to knocking his rival down for ‘nine’ in the 13th. On getting up, Takayama was then battered through to the bell before resuming in the 14th as if nothing was untoward. He then put in a barnstorming finish, being cheered to the rafters for his gameness.

It was announced at the end of July 1962 that Moore would be defending his title against Olli Maki, who although a brilliant amateur had started just ten times as a pro after joining the paid ranks in October 1960. A matter of weeks before the fight was due to take place the NBA threatened to strip Moore unless he defended against Sugar Ramos, who was the leading contender after outpointing Rafiu King over ten rounds at the Sports Palace, Paris, France on 26 March 1962. The NBA went on to say that although they recognised Moore as the champion they would not recognise the Maki contest as a defence.