1962-04-07 Paul Pender w pts 15 Terry Downes, The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - NY/EBU

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1962-04-07 Paul Pender w pts 15 Terry Downes, The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - NY/EBU. Referee: Jim McCarron. Scorecards: 144-143, 145-143, 146-141. In front after five rounds, with the champion lacking the punch to finish Pender (159) off even though he continued to force matters the latter came back into the fight with good left jabs and hooks. Unfortunately for Downes (159), as the American was allowed to clutch and stall for long periods of the contest he was pushed and pulled down on a couple of occasions. By the seventh, Downes was cut on the left eye and had sustained damage to his nose, but it was Pender’s left jab that worried him more. It was a hard fight, with Pender vastly improved from their previous contest, and at the final bell it was his skill that won over Downes’ aggression.

After negotiations for a unifying contest with Gene Fullmer broke down, Pender eventually elected to defend his share of the championship against Jose Torres on 2 November. Moved on when Torres picked up a cold the fight was called off within days when Cus D’Amato, Torres manager, failed to come up with the guarantee.

Although the NYSAC and EBU withdrew their support of Pender on 9 November, for failing to defend within the stipulated period, the Massachusetts Boxing Commission continued to support him as world champion. Then, on 6 March 1963, the Court of Appeal ordered the NYSAC to continue to recognise Pender, as in their eyes he was not the guilty party. Within days of that decision the NYSAC again vacated the title, stating that Pender had failed to sign articles of agreement with Joey Giambra, a rated boxer who had filed a challenge with the Commission. An article in the July 1963 edition of The Ring magazine printed a quote by John Cronin, Pender’s legal adviser, stating that the purported challenge made by Giambra on 24 August 1962 was premature, invalid and ineffectual, and was so regarded and treated by the Commission. Even after the Appellate Court had decided in favour of Pender, the NYSAC failed to meet Pender for the purpose of resolving the matter.

Although it was announced on 11 April that Pender would be defending the title against Joey Giardello on 7 June, it quickly fell through due to the promoter being unable to obtain television support for the contest. Following that, with the prospect of more of the same Pender announced his retirement on 7 May1963.