1962-08-17 Davey Moore w rsc 2 (15) Olli Maki, Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland - WORLD

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1962-08-17 Davey Moore w rsc 2 (15) Olli Maki, Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland - WORLD. Referee: Barney Ross. Following a quiet first round in which Maki (125½) danced around Moore (126) shooting out left jabs, the champion moved to close quarters in the second, and after sending out a couple of hard lefts a smashing right to the jaw put Maki down for ‘five’. By now stalking the dazed Finn Moore gave him no time to collect his senses, dropping him twice more before the referee called a halt at 2.31 of the session.

Having taken five months out, Moore came back to defeat Cisco Andrade and Mario Diaz in non-title fights, but despite all the pressure brought to bear by the NBA to make him take on Sugar Ramos or face being stripped prior to the Maki fight the authorities were strangely quiet. However, at the end of November, he finally agreed to meet Ramos early in February 1963, which was eventually moved forward to 21 March to enable the promoter, George Parnassus, to present three world title bouts on the same show.

The hard-hitting Ramos had punched his way to the number-one spot with 38 (29 inside) wins in 42 contests since turning pro in 1957, beating men such as Sonny Leon, Alfredo Urbina, Kid Anahuac, Rafiu King, Danny Valdez, Baby Vasquez (twice), Eloy Sanchez and Jose Luis Cruz.

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