1962-12-15 Duilio Loi w pts 15 Eddie Perkins, Sports Palace, Milan, Italy - WBA

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1962-12-15 Duilio Loi w pts 15 Eddie Perkins, Sports Palace, Milan, Italy - WBA. Referee: Georges Gondre. Although he had some difficulty making the weight for this one, the challenger showed that he had learned the lessons required if he harboured any hope of regaining his title and was happy to take the fight to Perkins (138½). From the halfway stage through to the final bell it was give and take as both men looked to influence the referee, who was the sole official, and in the 12th Perkins had Loi (137¼) hanging on from a barrage of solid head blows. Holding on gamely, Loi came back strongly to rip in punches to Perkins’ body right through to the end and it was this ability to keep going against the odds that saw him ultimately favoured with the referee’s decision. Loi retired as undefeated champion in January 1963 and Perkins was designated by the WBA to meet Battling Torres for the vacant title. Unfortunately, after the promoters had won the contracts for the contest and had scheduled it to take place on a Carnival of Champions show to be held in Los Angeles, California on 21 March, it was discovered that Perkins had a prior engagement contracted in Paris, France which was too close to the date. It was then agreed that Roberto Cruz should be drafted in with Perkins being given a crack at the winner within 90 days.