1963-02-03 Emile Griffith w rtd 9 (15) Chris Christensen, KB Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark - AUSTRIA/DENMARK

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1963-02-03 Emile Griffith w rtd 9 (15) Christian Christensen, KB Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark - AUSTRIA/DENMARK. Referee: Robert Seidel. Defending his Austrian recognised 154lbs title against Christensen (152½), the world welter champion quickly got down to business and had the Dane over from a right hand for the ‘eight’ count in the third, doing very very much as he pleased from thereon. Hooking strongly with both hands, Griffith (152) pursued his unfortunate foe, who stayed in the contest mainly by holding on at every opportunity. From the sixth it was just a matter of time. In the ninth Griffith smashed Christensen down twice for counts of ‘nine’ and although the latter tried to fight on his corner threw the towel in.

Immediately following the fight, Griffith gave up the Danish/Austrian version of the title to concentrate on his welterweight crown.