1963-03-07 Carlos Ortiz w rsc 13 (15) Doug Vaillant, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico - WORLD

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1963-03-07 Carlos Ortiz w rsc 13 (15) Doug Vaillant, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico - WORLD. Referee: Peter Pantaleo. Having been dropped by a left hook for ‘three’ in the opening session, Vaillant (134) came back to make a fight of it for the next five rounds before the champion picked it up to force his rival to retreat. Several times Vaillant was warned for low blows but they didn’t discourage Ortiz (134½), who continued to force the action as the former weakened. The 12th round was the beginning of the end as Vaillant was battered by body punches and dropped twice and saved by the bell. Coming out for the 13th, Vaillant, cut over the left eye, was quickly under pressure from sustained head and body attacks and was reeling on the ropes when rescued by the referee after 49 seconds had elapsed. Ortiz forfeited recognition in Michigan in July for failing to defend against the number-one contender, Kenny Lane, who was then matched against Paul Armstead in a fight that would carry world title status. According to the Boxing News ratings, Armstead, fresh from a win over Bobby Scanlon, was rated number two. Inactive until September, Ortiz then took in two non-title bouts against Pete Acera and England’s Maurice Cullen. With Dave Charnley only interested in a world title bout, Cullen, who lost on points over ten rounds at Wembley on 22 October, was given his chance and promised a world title opportunity if he won. Ortiz then moved on to Manila, Philippines to meet Flash Elorde, the junior-lightweight world champion, but the authorities only agreed to the fight on the grounds that the champion would meet Lane by April 1964.

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