1963-05-18 Eder Jofre w rtd 10 (15) Johnny Jamito, Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines - WORLD

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1963-05-18 Eder Jofre w rtd 10 (15) Johnny Jamito, Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines - WORLD. Referee: Antonio Ziravello. Despite having increasing difficulty making the weight Jofre (117¾) was too good for Jamito (117½), and after biding his time in the early rounds he opened up in the ninth until sustained bursts of heavy hitting eventually saw the challenger crumble. Rescued by the bell at the end of the tenth session, having been smashed to the floor and looking a sorry sight, Jamito was retired by his corner before the bell rang to start the 11th.

When Jofre remained inactive for more than 18 months he was rumoured to be struggling with weight problems. In November, it was reported that he would be defending against Jesus Pimentel in Los Angeles, California with the date to be arranged, but no more was heard of that apart from Jofre intimating that it was financially better to fight in Colombia. Then, in January 1964 he denied that he was going to retire, saying he was looking forward to defending against the winner of Joe Medel v Pimentel.

By now, the WBA were also issuing threats to Jofre on the grounds that he had not defended his title within the six-month regulation period, but nothing came of that either. At the end of April his manager stated that Jofre would not be fighting in Los Angeles due to the elevated tax levels, while Civic Boxing Enterprises confirmed they had a verbal agreement with Jofre to meet the winner of Fighting Harada (not Medel) v Pimentel. In mid-June it was reported that George Parnassus, the Los Angeles promoter, had signed Jofre up to meet Pimentel, but that fell through after Pimentel, having pulled out of his fight against Harada, was informed by the Californian State Athletic Association that he would not be allowed to meet Jofre in that State until he filled his commitment to fight the latter.

That situation eased when Jofre v Pimentel was switched to San Antonio, Texas and set for 28 October, but was called off when Pimentel mysteriously walked out five days before the fight was due to take place, having already been paid an advance of $10,000. By now, with Jofre and his management team feeling that they had been messed about enough a match against Bernardo Caraballo was hastily set up for Bogota, Colombia at the end of November.