1964-04-11 Carlos Ortiz w pts 15 Kenny Lane, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico - WORLD

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1964-04-11 Carlos Ortiz w pts 15 Kenny Lane, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico - WORLD. Referee: Peter Pantaleo. Scorecards: 144-141, 147-143, 148-144. Finally coming together with one victory apiece Ortiz (135) successfully defended his title against Lane (135), using hooks to head and body to break down the tight southpaw defences of the latter. There were no official knockdowns, although Lane was down without a count in the 14th after a left hook had dumped him, and twice more Ortiz had his man in trouble without being able to find a finisher. Both men were cut over their right eyes, Lane in the seventh and Ortiz in the 11th, but neither injury determined the way the fight went.

Although it was reported that Bill Daly, Ortiz’s manager, had virtually agreed terms for a title defence against Johnny Bizzarro in late September, which neatly coincided with the defence every six-month regulation, no more was heard of it. More surprising was the fact that Ortiz failed to be pressured by the commissions. There were also rumours that Ortiz’s next defence would be against Dave Charnley, but that amounted to nothing either.

He did manage, however, to get in a non-title fight against Dick Divola on 14 December, which lasted just 127 seconds and was hardly the right preparation for a reported championship defence against Ismael Laguna in Panama City on 20 February. Unfortunately, it had to be re-scheduled when Ortiz went down with an intestinal infection on the eve of the fight. Laguna, still only 21, had arrived at a title shot after 40 contests in a three-year career in which there were just two losses.