1964-04-18 Eddie Perkins w pts 15 Bunny Grant, National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica - WBA

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1964-04-18 Eddie Perkins w pts 15 Bunny Grant, National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica - WBA. Referee: Willie Pep. Scorecards: 147-140, 145-141, 148-139. Showing top quality, the champion once again defended on foreign territory, and once again was too good for his opponent as he took control from the opening bell with smart one-twos that immediately put Grant (137½) under pressure. However, Grant showed his mettle when coming back to cut Perkins (139) over the left eye in the sixth and provided the fans with some good action as he counter-punched his way through the middle sessions before the latter got going again. In the tenth, Perkins started to bang in left hooks that Grant found difficulty in avoiding and over the remainder of the contest it was all Perkins as he shook his man up with combinations to run out a clear winner.

Unable to make a worthwhile title fight in his native America, in August Perkins’ manager, Johnny Coulon, was reported as saying they would be looking abroad.

Meantime, having beaten Mauro Vazquez (w rsc 8 on 6 September at the New Leon State Coliseum, Monterrey, Mexico) and Mario Rossito (w pts 10 on 18 September at the Santamaria Circus, Bogota, Colombia) in non-title bouts, and looking to defend the championship against Carlos Hernandez in Venezuela in October, the fight had to be held on ice until the latter had served a suspension. To appease the NBA there was talk of the fight coming to Miami on 21 December, but after much wrangling it was eventually contracted to take place in January 1965.

Having been formed on 14 February 1963, at their convention in September 1964 the World Boxing Council (WBC) officially agreed to recognise the junior welterweight class from 1 January 1965. The WBC consisted of Britain and the Commonwealth, Europe, North America (not including New York and States affiliated to the WBA), Latin America and the Orient and were formed to rival the WBA. Although the WBC, as a majority, accepted Perkins as the current champion, one of the membership, namely Britain (BBBoC) and the Commonwealth, did not recognise the junior welter class within their own confines and it would not be until 1968 that Britain contested championships at 140lbs, followed by the Commonwealth in 1975.