1964-07-27 Flash Elorde w rsc 12 (15) Teruo Kosaka, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBA

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1964-07-27 Flash Elorde w rsc 12 (15) Teruo Kosaka, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBA. Referee: Pempe Padilla. Leading on two of the judges’ scorecards, Kosaka (129½) was put down for the mandatory ‘eight’ count following a flurry of punches thrown by the champion in the 12th round and having staggered up with his left eye bleeding badly the referee called a halt on the 1.45 mark.

Most onlookers thought Elorde (130), who had to make three trips to the scales before making the weight, was not up to scratch and was well on the way to defeat before being handed the victory. This action was followed by a full-scale riot. Despite having earlier reservations, the Japanese Boxing Commission ultimately accepted the referee’s explanation that he stopped the fight when he did because he thought that Kosaka was in poor physical condition and could have suffered serious injury.

Although Elorde failed to make a defence for nearly 12 months, he was hardly inactive, twice defending his Orient lightweight title in the Philippines against Kang-Il Suh (w pts 12 on 21 November at the Araneta Stadium, Manila) and Rene Barrientos (w pts 12 on 27 February 1965 at The Coliseum, Cebu) before it being announced in March 1965 that he would defend the junior lightweight crown against either Kosaka or Suh in May, a date which was eventually moved on.

Having been formed on 14 February 1963, at their convention in September 1964 the World Boxing Council (WBC) officially agreed to recognise the junior lightweight class from 1 January 1965.

The WBC consisted of Britain and the Commonwealth, Europe, North America (not including New York and States affiliated to the WBA), Latin America and the Orient and were formed to rival the WBA. Although the WBC, as a majority, accepted Elorde as the current champion, two of the membership, namely Britain (BBBoC) and the Commonwealth and Europe (EBU), did not recognise the junior lightweight class within their own confines and it would not be until 1968 that Britain contested championships at 130lbs, followed by Europe in 1971 and the Commonwealth in 1975.