1966-06-25 Ki-Soo Kim w pts 15 Nino Benvenuti, Changchung Gym, Seoul, South Korea - WBA/WBC

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1966-06-25 Ki-Soo Kim w pts 15 Nino Benvenuti, Changchung Gym, Seoul, South Korea - WBA/WBC. Nicholas Pope. Scorecards: 74-68, 72-69, 68-72. Scoring with accurate southpaw left hooks to the body the challenger had the better of it early on when setting a pace that was difficult for Benvenuti (153) to work at his best, his solid right-hand punches often failing to hit the target. As the fight wore on, Kim (152¼) continued to work at a fast tempo as he bored in, and in the tenth Benvenuti was cut on his nose, being bothered by it from there on in. The fight was held up for six minutes in the 13th when one of the ropes worked loose, but it brought no real respite to Benvenuti. Although the Italian tried to pull the fight out of the fire in the last two sessions, a badly-tiring Kim clutched and held on to the final bell.

At the beginning of December, the Italian Boxing Federation asked the WBC not to recognise the forthcoming Kim v Stan Harrington title contest on the grounds that Benvenuti should have been given an immediate return. Although the WBC was happy to support Benvenuti, with it becoming clear that he was now looking to win the world middleweight title the would-be action fizzled out.

Since his unsuccessful attempt to relieve Denny Moyer of the title in 1963, Harrington had been busy, beating men such as Manuel Gonzalez, Rip Randall, Isaac Logart, Moyer, Eddie Pace, Gaspar Ortega (twice), Charley Scott, Sugar Ray Robinson (twice), Gabe Terronez, Ferd Hernandez, Rubin Carter and Jimmy Lester. Despite losing six times during that period he fully deserved another crack, especially with Benvenuti not being too concerned.