1967-05-19 Curtis Cokes w rsc 10 (15) Francois Pavilla, Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USA - WBA/WBC

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1967-05-19 Curtis Cokes w rsc 10 (15) [[Francois Pavilla, Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USA - WBA/WBC. Referee: Pat Riley. Having previously drawn with Cokes (145) earlier in the year, the challenger proved to be a sad disappointment according The Ring magazine, winning just one round on the cards. Cokes was always in control, despite claiming he was hurt by Pavilla (146¾) in the sixth and seventh, his left jab totting up the points, but in the eighth he felt his opponent weakening in the clinches and ready to be taken. After getting through with some solid shots in the ninth, Cokes caught Pavilla with a right in the tenth and when the latter came off the ropes a cracking left dropped him. Up almost immediately and staring into the crowd glassy-eyed, Pavilla was eventually rescued by the referee with ten seconds of the session remaining after the Frenchman’s manager had jumped into the ring.

An on-off title bout between Cokes and Gypsy Joe Harris due to take place on 24 July, was finally called off on the day of the fight when Harris, who was well over the weight, failed to arrive for the weigh-in. The problems had initially come about when Cokes demanded money up front, including monies still owed from the Pavilla contest.