1967-10-02 Curtis Cokes w rsc 8 (15) Charley Shipes, The Arena, Oakland, California, USA - WBA/WBC

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1967-10-02 Curtis Cokes w rsc 8 (15) Charlie Shipes, The Arena, Oakland, California, USA - WBA/WBC. Referee: Jack Downey. Recognised in California as the champion, Shipes (145) started promisingly, forcing the contest, before a right-left to the jaw dropped him in the fourth. Back in the fight, Shipes, now cut over the right eye, crowded Cokes (145) but took several right uppercuts for his pains and in the sixth a left hook followed by a solid right sent him to the floor again. Shipes was still giving it everything he had in the seventh, although Cokes’ extra reach was proving to be a real advantage, and in the eighth the lights finally went out for the Californian. After being floored twice in the eighth, the second time by a terrific right to the jaw, Shipes was helped up by the referee and taken back to his corner when it was clear that he had no chance of getting back into the fight, the finish being timed at 1.37 of the session.