1967-11-16 Paul Fujii w co 4 (15) Willi Quatuor, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC

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1967-11-16 Paul Fujii w co 4 (15) Willi Quatuor, Kuramae Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC. Referee: Jay Edson. Despite entering the ring as a big underdognches and giving the man from Japan plenty to think about. Having edged the third, especially after landing a cracking right to the jaw, Fujii opened up in the fourth, but Quatuor (139¼) met him all the way and used his right jab effectively. Although flat footed at times, Quatuor was proving more than a match for Fujii until he was hurt by a long right to the jaw which sent him back on the ropes. Almost defenceless at that point, Quatuor took a smashing left hook to the body before dropping for the full count which was completed at 2.30 of the session.

The WBC vacated the title in November 1968 after Fujii had failed to make a defence for nearly a year, having suffered injuries in a car accident and then signing to meet Nicolino Locche. This followed the WBA’s failure to approve a match between Fujii and Pedro Adigue, their number-three contender.

To contest the vacant WBC title, Adigue was matched against Adolph Pruitt, who was ranked the number-four contender by The Ring magazine. Pruitt was on a run of seven wins and had beaten Luis Molina and Ernie Lopez, while Adigue numbered Arthur Persley, Rene Barrientos and Jaguar Kakizawa among his 27 wins from 40 contests.