1968-10-06 Hiroshi Kobayashi w pts 15 Jaime Valladares, Martial Arts Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC

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1968-10-06 Hiroshi Kobayashi w pts 15 Jaime Valladeres, Martial Arts Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC. Referee: Nicholas Pope. Scorecards: 75-64, 75-61, 75-64. Fighting on the back foot throughout, Valladares (129½) was well beaten by a champion trying to recover some form, but somehow made it to the final bell. Kobayashi (129) pressed all the way, scoring knockdowns in the tenth after a short right to the jaw did the damage and in the 12th when a left hook found its mark, but was unable to finish the challenger off. Having drawn with Kobayashi two years earlier it was felt that Valladeres would put up a good fight, but his form was so poor that many onlookers felt, with some justification, that he should have been thrown out for not trying.

With Rene Barrientos and Ruben Navarro both unable to force a title match with the WBA champion, Kobayashi, the WBC set up a contest between the pair for their version of the title after stripping the latter in January 1969. This action was taken in the wake of Barrientos’ disputed championship draw against Kobayashi and Navarro’s non-title ten-round points win over the same man at the Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on 26 August 1968.