1968-12-14 Pedro Adigue w pts 15 Adolph Pruitt, Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines - WBC

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1968-12-14 Pedro Adigue Jr w pts 15 Adolph Pruitt, Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines - WBC. Referee: Nicholas Pope. Scorecards: 72-69, 70-68, 71-66. Fighting the title that was vacated after the WBC stripped Paul Fujii, both men had difficuly in making the weight and at one stage it appeared that the contest might not be going ahead. Outjabbed in the opening round but fighting on even terms in the next two sessions, Adigue Jr (140) came on strong in the fourth with sharp left-right combinations to head and body and carried on in the same vein before Pruitt (140) evened things up between the seventh and ninth rounds when landing with excellent counters and solid, wide left hooks. The last six rounds saw Adigue Jr throwing sharp, hurtful punches, while Pruitt came on strong in the 14th as he looked for the kayo, which made for an exciting finish.

Taking on Pruitt in a non-title contest, scheduled for ten rounds at the International Centre Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii on 18 February 1969, Adigue Jr, floored twice, received a bad beating before the fight was stopped in the fifth round to save him from taking further punishment. He was also suffering from severe stomach pains. Rushed to hospital immediately after the fight, Adigue Jr was operated on for appendicitis and only got back into action again at the end of October before being matched to defend his title against the European champion, Bruno Arcari.