1969-06-23 Joe Frazier w rsc 7 (15) Jerry Quarry, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - NY

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1969-06-23 Joe Frazier w rsc 7 (15) Jerry Quarry, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - NY. Referee: Arthur Mercante. Although beating the New York champion to the punch in the opening session that was about it as far as Quarry (198½) was concerned and after the second round it was all one-way traffic. Gashed under the right eye, Quarry almost became a punch bag as Frazier (203½) began to take him apart, but he still would not go down as hard as the latter tried. Continually stunned, Quarry could barely make it to his corner on a couple of occasions and at the end of the seventh the doctor advised the referee to stop the fight.

Towards the end of the year, Muhammad Ali tried to get back into boxing and make a fight with Frazier, but too many States refused to even allow him to box exhibitions due to his legal tangles with the government and in February 1970 he felt forced to announce his retirement from the ring. However, as support for the Vietnam war abated, Georgia held out an olive branch, allowing him to box exhibitions in the State prior to licensing him for a 15-round comeback fight against Quarry (w rsc 3 on 26 October 1970 at the City Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia). Although the Governor of Georgia had second thoughts immediately prior to the contest it had been too late and Ali was on his way back. This was followed by a Federal Court decision, which saw NYSAC agree to re-license Ali to box in New York, thus paving the way for an Ali v Frazier contest. There was still the matter of Ali’s legal appeal and, on that subject, his lawyers were basing his defence on the High Court’s new guidelines for cases involving conscientious objectors, merely telling the Supreme Court that Ali should have been exempted from the Draft as a minister for the ‘Lost Found Nation of Islam’.