1970-02-01 Bruno Arcari w pts 15 Pedro Adigue, Sports Palace, Rome, Italy - WBC

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1970-02-01 Bruno Arcari w pts 15 Pedro Adigue Jr, Sports Palace, Rome, Italy - WBC. Referee: Teddy Waltham. In a difficult contest contest to score which saw both men banging away sometimes wildly from the opening bell, it was hardly surprising that there were many infringements, with Adigue Jr (139½) being warned for careless use of the head nine times and twice for butting. The champion was jarred up by a number of heavy punches in the eighth as Arcari (138) let fly, before coming back to rock the latter with a cracking right hand in the tenth. It was still difficult to separate the pair, but in the 12th Arcari attacked two-fistedly, mixing up southpaw hooks and uppercuts, to score well before he came again in the 15th when raining blow after blow on Adigue Jr, who could hardly stand. The decision in Arcari’s favour was rendered by the referee, who controlled the action superbly, and was met by loud applause. Both men finished puffed up around the eyes, but otherwise seemingly unharmed.