1970-05-16 Nicolino Locche w pts 15 Adolph Pruitt, Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina - WBA

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1970-05-16 Nicolino Loche w pts 15 Adolph Pruitt, Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina - WBA. Referee: Joaquin Arvas. Scorecards: 149-145, 149-144, 149-141. Although the challenger took up the offensive from the opening bell, Loche (139¼) quickly picked it up when coming back with solid lefts while his rival missed with far more than he threw. The pattern of the fight saw Loche ducking under or blocking blows from Pruitt (138) with ease and sending in hurtful punches virtually every round. Miraculously, the American showed little sign of being hurt or even tired, despite the tremendous amount of blows he had taken to the head and body throughout, and appeared quite fresh at the finish. The unanimous verdict in favour of Loche came as no surprise, but according to Pruitt it was he who landed the harder punches and without him forcing the fight there would have been little action. Following this one, Loche failed to get back into the ring until February 1971 due to suffering a number of injuries in training and wouldn’t be ready to defend the title again for a further couple of months after taking on board two warm-up contests.