1970-10-30 Bruno Arcari w co 3 (15) Raymundo Dias, Sports Palace, Genoa, Italy - WBC

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1970-10-30 Bruno Arcari w co 3 (15) Raimundo Dias, Sports Palace, Genoa, Italy - WBC. Referee: Domenico Carabellese. This was a fight given plenty of publicity due to it being between a champion and one of his former sparring partners and when the champion was cut over the right eye in the opening session after Dias (137½) had snaked in a right jab an imminent shock was on the cards. However, Arcari (139), protecting the damage, took time out in the second before going up a gear to punish Dias with two-handed attacks that concentrated on the body. There was more of the same in the third and Arcari’s efforts quickly bore fruit when he drove Dias into a corner and caught the Brazilian with a solid right-left combination to the head. Down went Dias, who never looked likely to get up after rolling over on to his stomach, to be counted out at 1.45 of the round. Both men were southpaws.