1971-09-02 Antonio Gomez w rsc 5 (15) Shozo Saijo, Municipal Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA

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1971-09-02 Antonio Gomez w rsc 5 (15) Shozo Saijyo, Municipal Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA. Referee: Alfredo Garzo. Making his sixth defence, having been warned for going low in the second round Saiyjo (126) was dropped for ‘eight’ in the third by a left hook to the jaw and on fighting back recklessly he was again badly hurt at the end of the session. After being fairly even in the fourth, despite damage to his left eye Saiyjo tore into Gomez (125) at the start of the fifth before being put down for another ‘eight’ count by a right to the head. Back in the fray, Saiyjo, dropped twice more from powerful combinations was stopped from continuing at 2.07 of the round due to the automatic three knockdowns in one round ruling.