1971-11-05 Pedro Carrasco nc 11 (15) Mando Ramos, Sports Palace, Madrid, Spain - WBC

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1971-11-05 Pedro Carrasco w disq 11 (15) Mando Ramos, Sports Palace, Madrid, Spain - WBC. Referee: Samuel Odubote. Fighting for the title vacated by the WBC after Ken Buchanan decided that he would meet Ismael Laguna rather than face a challenger of the WBC’s choice, Ramos (134) made a good start and knocked Carrasco (134) down in the first round. Although Ramos was cut over the left eye in the third he was by then in control with a snaking left making it difficult for Carrasco to dictate matters and he went on to floor the latter again in the eighth and twice in the tenth. By this time Carrasco looked a beaten man, but having just been wrestled to the floor at the end of the 11th the referee decided to disqualify Ramos for hitting below the belt and on top of the head along with other misdemeanours. Within a matter of weeks, the WBC declared the result null and void and called for an immediate rematch.

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