1972-02-18 Mando Ramos nc 15 Pedro Carrasco, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA - WBC

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1972-02-18 Mando Ramos w pts 15 Pedro Carrasco, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA - WBC. Referee: Lee Grossman. Scorecards: 7-6, 9-5, 5-8. Fighting for the vacant WBC title after that body had annulled the result of their previous contest, this one was a far more even affair. It was obvious that Ramos (135) was not at his best after having difficulty in making the weight, while Carrasco (134) boxed cleverly with the left jab in the early rounds. By the fourth, however, Ramos was back forcing the fight, but from there on the action fluctuated. Both men received damage around their eyes and both were warned for infringements and although Carrasco finished the stronger, Ramos, who had thrown the harder punches, was given the nod.

Following the fight, the WBC withdrew championship status after deciding that the decision had been ‘influenced locally’ and called for a rematch. The WBC went on to say that their mandate for a neutral referee and judge and a Spanish and American judge had not been complied with.