1972-03-10 Alfonso Frazer w pts 15 Nicolino Locche, New City Gym, Panama City, Panama - WBA

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1972-03-10 Alfonso Frazer w pts 15 Nicolino Loche, New City Gym, Panama City, Panama - WBA. Referee: Jesus Celis. Scorecards: 147-143, 148-141, 149-146. Taking the fight to the champion from the start, ‘Peppermint’ Frazer (137) continued his offensive right through to the final bell to run out a clear winner, despite never having been more than ten rounds previously. For Loche (139) it was one defence too many and although he showed up well with counter attacks in the third and fifth sessions he was hampered by a gash over the right eye sustained in the eighth, an injury Frazer took full advantage of. Prior to beating Loche, the big-punching Frazer had won 25 of 30 contests, with only seven of them going the distance. However, he had also been halted four times. On 17 June, Frazer (139¾) forced Al Ford (135¾) to retire in the fourth round at the New City Gym, but although both men came to the ring inside 140lbs the fight could not be considered as involving Frazer’s world title as it was contracted at 141lbs and scheduled for ten rounds only.