1973-05-05 Eder Jofre w pts 15 Jose Legra, President Medici Gym, Brasilia, Brazil - WBC

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1973-05-05 Eder Jofre w pts 15 Jose Legra, Presidente Medici Gym, Brasilia, Brazil - WBC. Referee: Jay Edison. Scorecards: 146-141, 148-143, 143-143. Defending his newly won title for the first time, Legra (125½) clowned his way through the first couple of rounds before sending Jofre (125) down from a right cross in the third. Although pressing for the next two sessions without further success, Legra then went on the back foot looking to rattle up the points with the left hand. By the sixth, Jofre had become the aggressor and was looking to get his punches off on the inside, but found it difficult to get to the evasive champion. Towards the end of the contest and recognising that Jofre, who was cut over both eyes, was feeling the pace, Legra finally launched himself into the attack right through to the final bell, only to lose the verdict. Afterwards it was felt that Legra lost the fight, having being deducted several points for rabbit punching and other various indiscretions.