1973-09-08 Antonio Cervantes w rsc 5 (15) Carlos Gimenez, Campin Coliseum, Bogota, Colombia - WBA

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1973-09-08 Antonio Cervantes w rsc 5 (15) Carlos Giminez, Campin Coliseum, Bogota, Colombia - WBA. Referee: Isaac Herrera. Getting into top gear quickly, the champion never really gave Giminez (140) much of a chance to settle and in the third round he twice dropped the latter with hard rights to the jaw. Gamely getting to his feet both times, Giminez did well to stay in the fight, but it was Cervantes (139) showing an excellent array of jabs, hooks and uppercuts who dominated. The end for Giminez came in the fifth when he was again put down by a heavy right to the head and although he beat the count he was rescued by the referee on the 1.45 mark.