1973-11-01 Bruno Arcari w co 5 (15) Joergen Hansen, KB Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark - WBC

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1973-11-01 Bruno Arcari w co 5 (15) Jorgen Hansen, KB Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark - WBC. Referee: Raymond Baldeyrou. Despite opening up cautiously, the southpaw champion stepped up the pace in the second round and although Hansen (137¾) did well in the third he was unable to unlock his opponent’s defence. Dropped by short left to the jaw in the fifth, Hansen tried to rally before being badly hurt by another solid left and being forced to hold on as Arcari (138) went to town. After the referee managed to break the pair, almost immediately Arcari connected with a heavy right and Hansen crashed down to be counted out. The 1987 Ring Record Book showed Hansen to weigh 141lbs, but having looked at the papers of the day the fight was clearly recognised as a defence for Arcari, with the above weights officially announced.