1974-02-05 Koichi Wajima w pts 15 Miguel De Oliveira, Metropolitan Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC

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1974-02-05 Koichi Wajima w pts 15 Miguel De Oliviera, Metropolitan Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA/WBC. Referee: Seiji Ebine. Scorecards: 73-70, 74-71, 73-73. In what was a return match after De Oliviera (153¾) had drawn with the champion previously, Wajima (153) crowded the Brazilian from the opening bell and smashed in punches relentlessly. Not to be deterred, De Oliviera still made life difficult for Wajima, who was wild at times, and came back strongly to mix it up. Unfortunately for the taller De Oliviera, having been cut on the right eye early on the sheer aggression of the champion eventually forced him to defend for all he was worth, but he still proved a dangerous foe when ramming accurate blows home. With some of the rounds being extremely hard fought it was only in the last three or four sessions that Wajima made sure of the verdict.