1974-02-16 Bruno Arcari w disq 8 (15) Antonio Ortiz, Barcoruffini Sports Palace, Turin, Italy - WBC

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1974-02-16 Bruno Arcari w disq 8 (15) Antonio Ortiz, Barcoruffini Sports Palace, Turin, Italy - WBC. Referee: Rudolf Drust. In trying to rough the champion up from the start, Ortiz (136½), who twice fell out of the ring, forced the action with some wild punching, but very little accuracy. Unfortunately, Arcari (138¾) got caught up in a brawl early on before he began to take control in the fourth when mixing up heavy body blows with solid shots to the head. It was also in this round that Arcari was cut over both eyes after Ortiz was guilty of dangerous headwork, a tactic which saw the Spaniard receive a public warning. Regardless of that, Ortiz still charged into Arcari when it would have probably been more advantageous to utilise his longer reach, and it was no surprise when he received another reprimand for his headwork in the clinches. By the eighth, the southpaw champion was still landing the punches that counted and with Ortiz continuing to ignore the earlier warnings about using his head as an additional weapon, the referee had seen enough and threw him out on the 1.20 mark.

Arcari relinquished the WBC version of the title in August due to weight- making difficulties and injuries that saw him unable to go through with a defence against Lion Furuyama. Following that announcement, Perico Fernandez, the heavy-handed European champion, and Furuyama were selected to contest vacant title. Fernandez, who had come to the fore on taking the European title from Antonio Ortiz and defending it against Piero Ceru, had lost just twice in 40 contests, with Kid Tano, Manuel Calvo and Juan Albornoz among his victims.