1974-12-28 Soo-Hwan Hong w pts 15 Fernando Cabanela, Changchung Gym, Seoul, South Korea - WBA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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28 December Soo-Hwan Hong w pts 15 Fernando Canabela, Changchung Gym, Seoul, South Korea - WBA. Referee: Yusaku Yushida. Scorecards: 75-70, 73-69, 72-74. Just about keeping his title in a hard-fought contest, Hong (117) was always the aggressor but found Cabanela (117) a difficult man to keep up with, especially when the latter scored with piston-like jabs before making a difficult target. However, indomitably sticking to the task in hand, the second South Korean man in history to win a world title accepted that he had learned a lot from the fight and admitted that the challenger had made life more difficult for him than he had expected.