1975-11-13 Elisha Obed w rtd 11 (15) Miguel De Oliveira, New Hippodrome, Paris, France - WBC

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1975-11-13 Elisha Obed w rtd 11 (15) Miguel De Oliviera, New Hippodrome, Paris, France - WBC. Referee: Kurt Halbach. With both fighters looking to impress, the opening two rounds were evenly contested, but the second session was marred for Obed (154) when he had a point deducted for hitting the champion below the belt. Spurred on by the loss of a point, the third was a big one for Obed and he had De Oliviera (154) at his mercy when the bell rang to end the round. However, to everyone’s surprise the latter came out firing in the fourth and the pair blasted away at each other right through to the eighth. In that session it was De Oliviera’s turn to almost finish Obed off, but the opportunity was lost and in the tenth it was the champion who was smashed down twice and retired by his corner after the bell rang to start the 11th.