1976-02-17 Koichi Wajima w rsc 15 (15) Jae-Doo Yuh, Nihon University Auditorium, Tokyo, Japan - WBA

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1976-02-17 Koichi Wajima w tco 15 (15) Jae-Doo Yuh, Nihon University Auditorium, Tokyo, Japan - WBA. Referee: Jae-Duk Kim. Surprisingly one-sided, Wajima (153) was always in the face of the champion, throwing punches from a crouching position, and forcing him to back off almost throughout. From the second through the fourth, Wajima threw combinations of lefts and rights at Yuh (153) and on stepping up the pace he continued to march forward for round after round, smashing in hard blows and often scoring at will. Way down on the cards, Yuh gamely stuck to the task, despite taking a pounding, before a thundering left sent him crashing in the 15th. Although he managed to get to his feet the referee continued with the count while Yuh was leaning over the ropes and, at 1.47 of the session, the fight was over.