1976-03-28 Rodrigo Valdez w rtd 4 (15) Nessim Max Cohen, The Pavilion, Paris, France - WBC

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1976-03-28 Rodrigo Valdez w rtd 4 (15) Nessim Cohen, The Pavilion, Paris, France - WBC. Referee: Marcello Bertini. In setting up a unification fight against Carlos Monzon, the WBC champion ruthlessly destroyed the French-Moroccan Cohen (158¼). Although Cohen, countering well under pressure, made a good start Valdez (159½) was soon catching him with heavy rights to the head and in the third he was floored twice. The first time was more of a slip even though the referee counted to ‘eight’, but on the second occasion a full-blooded right sent Cohen crashing down for the mandatory count and he was lucky that the bell to end the session followed very quickly. The fifth saw Cohen on the receiving end of some blinding punches and after trying to fight his way back with no success he lifted his right arm in surrender and turned away with 15 seconds left on the clock.