1976-07-16 David Kotey w rsc 3 (15) Shigeo Fukuyama, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBC

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1976-07-16 David Kotey w rsc 3 (15) Shig Fukuyama, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBC. Referee: Harry Gibbs. Ultimately making full use of his considerable reach advantages, Kotey (126) took his time feeling out the challenger before going to work and a big left hook followed by a right cross dropped Fukuyama (125¾) in the second round. Gamely up at ‘five’ and hobbling about he was put down again by another left hook, but was rescued by the bell. Coming out for the third, Fukuyama, now cut over the left eye, was almost immediately dropped by a right to the head and although getting up the referee halted it with just 21 seconds of the round gone. It was confirmed afterwards that Fukuyama had broken his right ankle.

The top-rated Danny Lopez, known as ‘Little Red’ would be next for Kotey, having beaten 30 of his 34 opponents inside the distance. Although losing to Bobby Chacon, Fukuyama and Octavio Gomez, he was on a run of seven straight wins and had beaten men of the calibre of Tury Pineda, Benny Rodriguez, Chucho Castillo, Raul Cruz, Ruben Olivares, Sean O'Grady, Gomez and Art Hafey.