1976-10-16 Alfonso Zamora w rsc 12 (15) Soo-Hwan Hong, Sunin Gym, Inchon, South Korea - WBA

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1976-10-16 Alfonso Zamora w rsc 12 (15) Soo-Hwan Hong, Sunin Gym, Inchon, South Korea - WBA. Referee: Octavio Meyran. Having boxed well for 11 rounds, making full use of his height and reach advantages to score accurately with both hands, Hong (117¼) was well in the fight coming into the 12th round before coming under a vicious attack from Zamora (117¾). Although the challenger was apparently badly hurt by a bunch of left hooks to head and body and not firing back, the referee called the fight off with just ten seconds of the round remaining. In what was an extremely unsatisfactory ending, Hong’s corner feeling that their man should have been given an imposed count, no one seemed happy at the way the fight ended and there were calls for an immediate rematch.

With Zamora booked to defend against Sean O'Grady at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California on 23 April 1977, the fight was called off when the challenger could not agree terms and a non-title match at 120lbs at the same venue and on the same date was made against the WBC champion, Carlos Zarate. In an unprecedented battle of undefeated champions, Zamora was knocked out in the fourth of a scheduled ten rounder and the rumours began to fly. Managerial problems, punch resistance after being floored in training and weight making were all blamed for the result.

Following a long lay-off, Zamora was booked to make a defence in California against Jorge Lujan on 11 November 1977, but asked for a postponement due to his poor condition and inability to make the weight and was given an extra week to prepare.