1977-06-25 Antonio Cervantes w rsc 5 (15) Carlos Gimenez, The Bullring, Maracaibo, Venezuela - WBA

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1977-06-25 Antonio Cervantes w rsc 5 (15) Carlos Giminez, The Bullring, Maracaibo, Venezuela - WBA. Referee: Marty Denkin. Fighting for the title that became vacant when Wilfred Benitez was stripped for failing to meet him, Cervantes (139¼) took on the hardy Giminez (139¼), a man he had previously beaten. With a badly conditioned Cervantes looking but a shadow of his former self the fight was a huge disappointment and he struggled throughout to find any rhythm while Giminez, who was cut over the left eye in the third, hardly looked much better. Even so, it came as a shock when the referee, without even consulting a doctor, decided to pull Giminez out of the contest at the end of the fifth on the grounds that the damage to his eye made it impossible for him to box on. Seen by some as being a ‘fix’, following the fight a rematch was called for due to the scoring being even at the time of the stoppage, while Giminez’ eye damage appeared to be holding up, not worsening, and Cervantes appeared to be close to exhaustion.

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