1977-11-26 Marvin Hagler w co 12 (15) Mike Colbert, The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - MASSACHUSETTS

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1977-11-26 Marvin Hagler w co 12 (15) Mike Colbert, The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA – MASSACHUSETTS. Referee: Tommy Rawson. Although supported by Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia and a few New England States, the billing was more in protest that Hagler had not been considered for an elimination series following the retirement of Carlos Monzon. His opponent was on 22 straight wins, and with victories over Rocky Mosley Jr and Tony Licata he was certainly no pushover.

Unfortunately, it was a poor fight with Hagler (160) having to chase after Colbert (157½), who was constantly going backwards while scoring as he went. Having begun to lose his way, at the end of the 11th round Hagler was reckoned by many to be trailing by three or four rounds despite the officials having him ahead by one point. However, that all counted for nothing when Hagler finally caught up with Colbert in the 12th. Floored from the cumulative effect of Hagler’s blows, on getting up and trying to fight back Colbert was quickly put down for the full count, timed at one minute, following a smashing southpaw right to the jaw that dropped him flat on his face.

Regardless of the win, it turned out to be a one-off for Hagler following the promise of a title shot in the very near future. By the time Hagler got his opportunity against Vito Antuofermo, he had won 46 of 49 fights and had defeated Sugar Ray Seales, Matt Donovan, Willie Monroe (twice), Kevin Finnegan (twice), Bennie Briscoe and Norberto Cabrera along the way.